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Senior Executive Associate Dean, School of Informatics and Computing
Director of TiMAP

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In our Laboratory for Text information Mining, Analysis, and Discovery, we mostly deal with extracting knowledge from published literature documents in the areas of Health and Life Sciences.

Two projects that deals with health related literature mining involves finding best practices in Geriatric Care and Drug-SideEffect-Disease association discovery in various Cancers.

For the biomedical literature mining, we developed a text mining system called BioMAP - Biomedical Associations and Pathways. The BioMAP system can discover associations among 13 different biological entities such as Genes, Proteins, Diseases, etc. The BioMAP system can also find four different types of associations among these entities - Direct Associations, Transitive Associations, Hyper Associations, and Directional Associations.

The BioMAP system is currently used in the global analysis of protein-protein interactions augmented with literature knowledge in areas such as Colorectal Cancer and Limb Regeneration.

Another area where BioMAP is being effectively used is in understanding the science of 'spice remedies'. Here, biomedical literature is mined to obtain various spice-disease associations and further discovering the molecules and pathways associated with these diseases to understand the science behind spice remedies.